Pro Tour Fantasy Golf

Welcome To Pro Tour Fantasy Golf 2017

Dump the spreadsheet & let us host your fantasy golf league online!

Designed For Both the Casual and Hard Core Golf Fan

• Season long format that is quick and easy to play each week
• No drafts, salary caps, or player tier levels to deal with
• Website tracks prizes for season, segment, and weekly winners
• Private leagues can have their own commissioner for full control

State-Of-The-Art Website

• Easy to see every ones fantasy golf picks once play begins
• Built-in charts, statistics, and clubhouse message board functionality
• Prior season results kept as part of each league's historical data
• Weekly golfer pick recommendations available on Resources page
• Automated set lineup email reminders and other important events
• Works great on iPhone / iPad (Safari) and other mobile devices

3 Different Season Long Formats Available

Pick 3 Classic Format
◊ Pick 3 starting golfers each week plus one alternate
◊ Option to sub one golfer after 2nd round (keeps the weekend interesting)
◊ Points based on golfer tournament winnings each week
◊ Double points for starting golfers / single points for subs
◊ Optional segments provide for climatic mini-contests
◊ Can only use each golfer 2-4 times each season (1 extra time w/mulligan)
◊ Our most popular format; not found anywhere else on the Internet!
◊ Click here for complete "Pick 3 Classic" rules and signup today
Let It Ride Format
◊ Same format as Pick 3 Classic above except no weekend subs
◊ Pick 3 golfers each week and "let your lineup ride" through the weekend
◊ Click here for complete "Let It Ride" rules and signup today
One & Done Format
◊ Pick one golfer each week - cannot use that golfer again
◊ Pick an alternate golfer to be used in case starter does not play
◊ Points based on golfer tournament winnings each week
◊ Optional segments provide for climatic mini-contests
◊ Optional start of season streak, most winners picked contests, and more
◊ Click here for complete "One & Done" rules and signup today.