Pro Tour Fantasy Golf

Public Leagues

Unfortunately, starting in 2017 we are no longer able to offer public leagues for cash prizes. Thank you for all your support over the years. If you would like to setup a private league where you can be the league commissioner for you and your friends, please check out our private league plans. We have recently added several new features to our existing 3 formats that we are very excited about:

  • For the Pick 3 Classic and Let It Ride league formats, there is now the option to increase the number of times a golfer can be picked from twice per season to up four times per season. Previously, participants could not use the same golfer more than twice (not including mulligan usage). With this change, plus mulligans, participants now have the option to pick the same golfer up to 5 times per season. Existing leagues can leave this setting as is or increase it based on what their league members prefer. This change does not apply to leagues playing the One & Done format.

  • Optional Skins Pool contest now available for all league formats. Here's how it works:

    Your league designates an overall skin pool prize amount for the season. Any team that wins high score for a week, wins one skin. They do not have to pick the winning golfer. They simply need to have solo high score for the week (i.e. no ties). At the end of the season, the Skins Pool prize amount is divided by the number of skins won. The fewer number of Skins winners, the more each skin is worth. This is reflected on the Prizes page throughout the season. The great thing about this optional prize is that it gives everyone something to play for each week -- regardless of what place they're in.

  • For One & Done leagues, the In The Money (ITM) side contests can be individually enabled or disabled for a season. Specifically:
    1. Start of Season Streak
    2. Anytime Streak
    3. Most Weeks
    4. No Winner Picked

If you have any prize winnings on account, please reach out to us and we will get those distributed right away.

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