Pro Tour Fantasy Golf

Let It Ride Rules

 Basic Rules
Pick 3 golfers for each week's professional golf tournament. A golfer can only be used 2, 3, or 4 times* throughout the course of the PTFG season. This is configurable for each league.
Points are awarded based on how much money each selected golfer wins in each tournament.
Your league picks the desired tournaments for your season. Each season can be broken into multiple segments to keep things interesting for all participants throughout the season.
League commissioners can setup weekly, segment, and season prizes for top performers.
About 5-10 minutes every Wednesday night to pick your starting lineup.

 Detailed Rules
The goal of the challenge is to accrue the most earnings by selecting PGA golfers to compete for you over a season of 24 tournaments. Each week you will select 3 golfers who will compete as part of your team. The total winnings accrued by the 3 golfers in your lineup at the END of each tournament will be added to your total season winnings. Total season winnings are used to determine the season winners.

In addition to the season competition, there can be separate segment competitions. For example, a 24-week season could be composed of four tournaments in each segment. Segment 1 is weeks 1-4, Segment 2 is weeks 5-8, and so on. During each segment, each team will accrue winnings and the top teams in each segment can be awarded prizes.

You may only use a golfer 2, 3, or 4 times* during the season. This is configureable for you league. Once you have reach the golfer usage limit, you may not use him for the rest of the season - except when using a MULLIGAN (see below). Anytime a golfer appears in your lineup, it counts as one of his usages.

You must submit your 3 starting golfers through the website prior to first round play beginning each Thursday. The weekly lineup page contains the lineup deadline which is usually the same as the first tee time. Upon submitting your lineup, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your starting lineup.

Each team will receive 'X' number of mulligans that can be used during the PTFG season. This option is also configurable for each league. A mulligan may be used to use a golfer one extra time (assuming you've reached the limit). The website tracks all golfer usages for each team and makes it easy to know how many times you've used a golfer prior to submitting your lineup. However, you are SOLELY responsible for ensuring that your selected golfers are playing in each week's tournament as all 125+ PGA players are selectable each week. In the rare case you wish to select a golfer not listed in the drop-downs, e-mail the commissioner so he can add the golfer to the list. If there is not enough time prior to a deadline, choose any other golfer as a proxy and send an e-mail to the commissioner notifying him of your intentions. The commissioner is able to adjust your lineup after the fact.

In the rare case a golfer is started and withdraws prior to teeing off or NEVER plays in the tournament, he will not be charged a usage. This is known as a NO SHOW. If you have selected an alternate golfer, then your lineup will be updated with your alternate pick between the 1st and 2nd rounds. However, if your golfer hits even one shot and then withdraws or gets disqualified, you are out of luck! In the unlikely event that your alternate pick is also a NO SHOW, your alternate pick will not be used. Instead, your lineup will be updated with NO SHOW earning you $0 for that pick, but at least sparing you the usage.

Typical leagues are 12-37 consecutive PGA tournaments with segments of 4-6 weeks making up the entire season. This is also configurable. Leagues of longer duration should allow each golfer to be used 4 times.

League commissioners can setup weekly, segment, and season prizes for top performers. They can also setup prizes for highest score in the majors tournaments and FedEx Cup tournaments too. Skin prizes can be awarded for any team that gets the solo high score for a given week.

About 5-10 minutes every Wednesday night to pick your starting lineup.