A private league allows you to be commissioner of your own league where you can set the league entry fee, prizes, tournament schedule, and more. Our leagues continue to receive rave reviews.

As commissioner, it's your responsibility to create each team, collect all entry fees, and distribute all prizes. But other than that, we do the rest of the work including adjusting the lineup deadline times due to inclement weather conditions and calculating the weekly results & standings.

You can choose from 1 to 4 formats. You can pick the start and end tournaments for your league season. However, many leagues consist of just 18-34 tournaments while spanning all 4 majors. So you don't have to grind it out for the entire PGA Tour season unless you want to. Some leagues start in January, some start with The Masters in April, and others somewhere in between. You can also choose the number of segments for your league season.

As commissioner, you'll have the ability to:

  1. Set up custom prizes (season, segment, weekly, skins, majors, and one & done streaks).
  2. Update anyone's lineup at any time. Great for those who can't get to the Internet or miss the lineup deadline by 5 minutes and you're a nice Commish.
  3. Set up league teams for each season (if you choose not to use the self sign-up option). In seasons two and beyond, teams can be pre-loaded from the prior seasion, saving everyone time (if desired).
  4. Track which participants have paid their league entry fee.
  5. Email all your league participants from the league website.
  6. Post important announcements on the league website.

All participants will have the ability to:

  1. Select a time zone for their location allowing lineup deadline times to appear in their own local time.
  2. Enable or disable weekly lineup email reminders (and missing lineup warning emails).
  3. Receive lineup confirmation emails.

Projected golfer earnings based on each golfer's tournament position are posted after each round (Thu - Sat). Final results including updated standings are posted every Sunday night. Both are usually posted within 3-4 hours of round completion.

Weekly lineup reminders are automatically sent by the system each Wednesday morning. Missing lineup reminders automatically are sent early Thursday morning to any participants who have not entered a lineup for the upcoming tournament.

Virtual trophies (icons) are included on the standings pages for league winners. Historical league data is retained for each season along with a hall of fame page and career prize winnings page. There is even a league Clubhouse page for talking smack with your fellow competitors.

A 15-20 minute commissioner training session over the phone is also included with your entry fee. For more information, simply drop us an email. Payment of $150 is due prior to league setup. The remaining portion can be paid after the season starts and the total number of teams is known.

If you've been tracking your fantasy golf leagues in a spreadsheet and via email, it is easy to see how much time you will save. What else are you waiting for?

Where a bad round never spoils the fun!