Legal Terms & Conditions

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Each week, participants must submit their lineup via the website prior to the posted deadline time for each tournament. Upon submitting a lineup, participants will receive a confirmation e-mail. Participants can also use the Results and Lineup pages to immediately confirm their lineup. With these mechanisms in place, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure their lineup was successfully processed by the system.
PTFG uses the Thursday tournament start time as the first round deadline. Participants should always check the website for updates regarding lineup deadlines. Scheduled lineup reminders are sent via e-mail each Wednesday morning with the lineup deadline included. For leagues playing the Pick 3 Classic format (weekend subs), 3rd and 4th round lineup deadline extensions due to weather delays will be posted on the website as needed. If a participant misses a deadline, league commissioners have the ability to update anyone's lineup at anytime (at their discretion).

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