Game Formats


There are 3 different game formats to choose from:

One & Done Format

  • Pick one golfer each week - cannot use that golfer again.
  • Pick an alternate golfer to be used in case a starter does not play.
  • Points based on golfer tournament winnings each week.
  • Optional segments provide for climatic mini-contests.
  • Optional side contests such as start of season streak, most winners picked, and more.
  • Click here for complete One & Done rules.

Pick 3 Classic Format

  • Pick 3 starting golfers each week plus one alternate.
  • Double points for starting golfers on Thursday / single points for weekend sub.
  • Optional segments provide for climatic mini-contests.
  • Can only use each golfer 2-4 times each season (configurable).
  • Mulligans add to strategy - use golfer one additional time or for Sunday sub.
  • Our flagship format; not found anywhere else on the Internet!
  • Click here for complete Pick 3 Classic rules.

Let It Ride Format

  • Same format as Pick 3 Classic format above except no weekend subs.
  • Pick 3 golfers each week and "let your lineup ride" through the weekend.
  • Click here for complete Let It Ride rules.